No Propane!

No Propane!

I have had quite a few unfortunate experiences with built in propane systems. Even in a brand new camper van I owned previously I experienced leaks – sometimes quite serious – which created a fire hazard and could have been harmful to the health of those on board – humans and animals. Some times these leaks were discovered after waking up in the morning – which means propane vapors could have been leaking throughout the night.

I also had issues with built in generators – in part due to faulty propane systems and because they are often hard to access when repairs are needed.

As a result I decided against propane systems and a built in generator. This commitment also applied to diesel and gas for power generation. I am happy to share more about my reasons for deciding against all these items.

With such a commitment to avoid propane and built-in generators – power can be generated a few different ways:

  • Solar
  • Alternator modification

Also – using batteries to store power can be helpful for continued power consumption when not plugged in to shore power. More about this in my post about Batteries and power systems.


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