No Plumbing!

No Plumbing!

After experiencing a variety of issues with with plumbing built into a camper van – I decided to have none at all in my conversion. Also – there is plenty of portable gear that allows for water storage and running water used to drink, clean items and bathe – all without the issues of plumbing for the same built into a vehicle that might be stored in cold climate and can travel 80+ mph!


Plumbing issues include:

  • Cold weather and water freezing. Living in the northeast and the need to winterize and de-winterize, sometimes numerous times during the season when using the vehicle during the winter. When leaving for a warmer place during the winter, I had to de-winterize during the trip and winterize it again before arriving back home. Additional issues arise when you pass from warm weather into cold weather while on the road – which could freeze water in the tanks and internal plumbing. Finally when there is a built-in water heater it must be winterized.
  • Most water tanks built into an RV are large and heavy – usually 20-30 gallons which is an extra ~200-300 lbs with the tank. This affects fuel efficiency and creates a clearance issue since these large tanks are placed outside the van, underneath the chassis. This does not include extra tanks for gray water and black water.
  • Dirty water needs chemical treatment and should not be stored for a long time. Most standard RV plumbing is separated into fresh water, gray water and black water – each with their own (usually externally installed) storage tanks. Gray water is the water that is used to clean dishes etc or from an on board shower. Black water is created from an on board toilet and requires chemical treatment – plus should not be stored for any long time.
  • Most plumbing is inaccessible. When there is a leak it can not always be detected until damage has been done. Sections of plumbing built into an RV can often be hard to access – which makes leak detection and repairs a challenge.


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