Design and layout

Design and layout

As simple as my layout looks, this process to finalize this took over a year – with a good amount of the details being changed in the final weeks as the van was being converted (for example – during the last week it became obvious that solar panels should not be fixed to the roof but portable panels should be used instead – and relocating the fridge from first cabinet to second cabinet – so the person sleeping on that side would not have their head near the fridge as it powers up and down throughout the night). There are not many of these vans readily available (at least not so on the east coast) so like anything else I would envision a layout then need to keep modifying after learning something new or realizing how it could be at odds with something else. I took a few long trips to see custom camper vans on a Sprinter chassis – like when a conversion would be completed at a custom shop – or one in an owner’s possession.


My layout requirements included:

  • Reasonable space for three to sleep with comfort (see separate post)
  • As open a floor plan as possible to max a feeling of space and to minimize blind spots while driving or parked
  • Max storage (see separate post)
  • Max reasonable counter space
  • The right balance of screened windows that could be opened while driving (see separate post)
  • Durable window covering
  • Durable floor
  • Minimal SPOF (single points of failure)
  • Simple clean design
  • Minimal parts requiring repair from specialists
  • All parts easily accessible


My power and appliance reqs included:

  • No propane and no generator (see separate post)
  • No plumbing ( see separate post)
  • Max battery power – within reason (see separate post)
  • Solar (see separate post)
  • Max electrical outlets
  • Appropriate lighting
  • Fridge (see separate post)
  • Portable microwave, not installed (see separate post about appliances)
  • Portable cooktop, not installed
  • Two (2x) vented ceiling fans with reversible air flow
  • Heat and A/C (see separate post)
  • Minimal SPOF
  • Minimal parts requiring repair from specialists
  • All parts easily accessible


Below are my sketches (done in super sophisticated Powerpoint) that represent essentially the final version of the van. I sent versions of theses sketches to the conversion shop while they worked to complete it.


Lower internal layout:


Upper internal layout:


Power and systems etc:

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